Our Partnerships

Here at Ergoland we are committed to bringing comfort to everyone, especially those that need it the most. We are always looking forward to partnering with people who are passionate about ergonomics, and we in turn are happy to recommend our partners in their particular ergonomic expertise, be it a chiropractic or physiotherapy practice, or perhaps an architect that understands a sustainable work space and wants to recommend ergonomic furnishings.


Partnering with Ergoland means having a trusted source for the latest ergonomic products to enter the market, as well as being involved in digital and physical outreach campaigns/initiatives hosted by Ergoland. If you would like to find out more, please email enquiry@ergoland.com, or call us at +60377327671 to talk to us in person!


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Kiropraktis Chiropractic Center
A chiropractic center established by Dc Andre Abader since 2007, Kiropraktis has treated many patients who suffer from posture problems and lower back pains.
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Precise Rehab
Precise Rehab is a team of physiotherapists that specialises in sports and musculoskeletal areas. Started off in 2017 and now with 5 branches around KL and PJ.