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Testimonials - Ergo Growing Desk & Chair

I never knew a child study desk and chair could be so supportive. I purchased a set of desk and chair for my kids three months ago because the unique features such as the desk high and angle can be adjusted. And it coupled with Duorest Junior chair that could give a flexible sitting for my son. And the most interesting part is this set of desk and chair is growing together with my son, he can use it from child to adulthood. How wonderful !

Chong Siew Ling. Housewife. Age 40. Petaling Jaya

I am glad that i was introduced by my sister for Ergoland’s ergonomic desk and chair. My two kids love their new desk and table so much before of many unique features. The table can be tilt to different angle according to different needs and the ergonomic chair is so wonderful that now they have a good sitting posture because the design of the chair will give them the best support. They do not need to slouch to read or writing. Now they can spend longer time to do their homework! I would definitely recommend it to the parent who want the children to grow up healthily without hunchback.

Norhaliza bt Mohd, Age 36. Petaling Jaya

Fabulous ergonomic desk and chair for kids! It has many wonderful features that make your child sit tall with the correct posture. The height of the table can be adjusted according to their height and the chair is very comfortable to support the child’s back. My daughter now loves to sit on her new chairs and desk to do her homework and drawing. Thank you Ergoland for introducing me the wonderdul products!

Angeline Lim, Age 35. Lecturer. Penang

I purchased an ergonomic desk chair for my daughter last month. It's the best purchase I have ever made.  “ An awesom desk and chair!” My 10 year old daughter even gave me her feedback. Now I can see her sitting longer at her workstation to do her homework and did not complain of backache. I would say this is the best investment for your kids as the intangible benefits that your kids enjoyed could not be measure by money.

Rahayu Rosidah. Age 40. Housewife. Pahang

I just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know how much my son love his new ergonomic desk and chair! He is only 4 years old but the chair can be adjusted perfectly to let his leg rest at the footrest, so no dangling leg anymore! Before this he is sitting on the normal chair and always complain about the leg numb due to the dangling leg. And i noticed his posture has improved with no slouching when reading or writing. Thanks again for making such a wonderful experience for my son. I would definitely recommend it to my friends!

Joanna Wong Sue Mei. Age 36. IT consultant. Petaling Jaya

Testimonials - Ergonomic School Bags

I bought an impact bag for my daughter 3 and a half years ago. It is one of the best investment I made for my daughter. Better than unit trust and shares. The reason is that my daughter goes to a Chinese school and her books are very heavy and in addition, she also need to bring her thick dual language dictionary to school. The bag is a blessing as its support is good for her posture as compared to the cheaper ones in the market. I am making a trip to Ergroland soon to invest in one for my younger child.

Misall. SJK(C) Naam Kheung. Kuala Lumpur

Before Impact bag, I have used many other school bags - trolley or backpack. They are either too heavy or easily torn which make me changing my school bag every 4-6 months. I've been using the Impact bag for almost 5 years and just change a new one recently. After using Impact, less shoulder pain for me and value for money :)

Nur Sabrina Zubir, SK TTDI 1, Petaling Jaya

I had bought a sanrio hello kitty bag for my daughter in year 2010, she had been using it until now (3 years) the bag still in good condition until now. With reasonable price.I am really happy with the quality and my daughter had no complaint with her back. I also recommended to my sister, they love it too. My youngest daughter is counting day and asking when she can have her own bag same as her sister. We will continue with this product...

Nor Haizan Haromshah, SRK Saujana Utama, Petaling Jaya

I have bought the impact school bag for my son Zi-Heng when he started his school in 2008. We are very happy with the quality and it lasted for 3 years! Easy to carry and you know for Chinese primary its with lots of books whether text or exercise book, the bag is sufficient. He has now gotten his 2nd Impact bag and we will get it for our second son as well.

Mr Lee. SRJK Harcroft, Puchong

I purchased IMPACT school products i.e. school bag, hand carry bag, wallet and pencil box for my 7 yrs old son in 2007. They are marvellous products and worth for the money you invest. The school bag is light and comfortable for my son who had to climb stair-case. No more worries if been push due to the stability of the IMPACT bag coupled with its convenient waist belt. The wallet is very light and having coins in it is just the right weight for a junior school boy to place in his pocket. While the pencil box is able to place any quantity of stationeries and the unique design makes my son proud to own something different from his schoolmates. Fyi, Ergoland product is subject to servicing and maintainance which I had tried. I recommended to my friends and relatives. I suggest Ergoland should do promotion in schools and mass medias to promote their marvellous products.

Mother : Norizan Hashim, Son : Aiman Azam, ST John (1), Bukit Nanas.

This is the best bag among so many branded bags. Before this, my daughter keeps complaint her heavy bag because she needs to climbed up to her classroom at 2nd floor. But now she can carry her school bag with more relaxing if compared previosly bag. Furthermore, the design and colours is so attractive.
Thanks "Ergoland". I will continue to support and introduce it to all my customers & friends.

May Gan,age 33, mother of student from SJK (C) Chung Hwa (3)

I had the bag as my Christmas present back in 2005,it is the best school bag I ever had!The trolley bags are so heavy!The IMPACT bag has great impact on my back:).And it fascinated all my friends.I'm the only one with this special bag,it makes me proud!!!

Sean Khor Pei En, SJK(c) Jit Sin 'A'

Before I discovered IMPACT school bag, my son use to complain about his OLD bag which heavy. Furthermore his classroom at the 1st Floor. Now he's been using the IMPACT school bag for almost 2 years and amazingly its still in a good condition. I even recommended it to my friends & family. Now all the children using the IMPACT school bag.

Audrey Wong, Shah Alam. Mother of the kid from Sekolah Kebangsaan Tmn Eng Ann

I love IMPACT School bag. I bought one for my daughter for her birthday. She used to complain about the heavy school bag and backache problem. After using IMPACT school bag for a while, she really love it cause the unique design make the school bag feel lighter and the compartment inside can sort out the book more organize, now no more complaint from her on the heavy school bag.

Madam See, age 42, Bandar Utama, Kuala Lumpur

This is not an ordinary school bag, my son like it so much especially when he climbed up to his classroom at 2nd floor. He can carry the schoolbag more relax compared to other classmates who use normal school bag especially trolley bag, furthermore, this school bag will protect the kids back and maintain good posture since small, therefore, I would highly recommend it to my friends kids. No regret to buy it for my son even though the price is a bit high, but I can say its value for money!

Mr Lim, age 35, Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur

I like IMPACT School bag because its very light and I don’t feel pain on my shoulder when carrying the bag. And the colour is nice, a lot of my friends admire me to have this school bag.

Angeline Lee, age 11, Subang Jaya, Selangor

The design is very innovative. My daughter told me after she used IMPACT school bag, she feel very comfortable and school bag is not heavy as before. Even though the price is more on high side but after using it for 9 months, the bag still in good condition, compared to the bags I bought previously, normally I need to change it every quarter. So it’s a good investment!

Jassica Ng, age 40, Penang

I love this bag and will continue telling people about the beauty features of this bag. In the market now hardly we can find the school bag that will protect our kids back. I have been searching the ergonomic school bag for quite sometimes and finally I found IMPACT school bag for my son. I urge parents whose care for your kids health choose the right school bag for them. Good posture starts since small !

Joanna Chong, age 32, Subang Jaya, Selangor

This is the best school bag I have ever bought for my daughter. Before this, she is using normal school bag and always complaining about heavy school bag. After using IMPACT school bag, she stopped complaining and love to carry the school bag because despite the unique backcare system, the design and colour is attractive! Thanks ERGOLAND for introducing us such a good school bag.

Mrs Gan, age 42, Johor Bahru

My mum bought IMPACT school bag, pencil case, hand carry bag and wallet for me when I am in STD One. Now I am in STD 2 still using those things - they are very good.No more heavy bag to carry. No worry if my friend push me when I walk up staircase because I am able to balance my body and school bag - school bag has waist belt. No more pain shoulder. I can even run with my school bag on my back. Pencil case is small but can put a lots of things and got handle to hold like my mum handbag - I also like my wallet and hand carry bag - so easy for me now. TQVM for making my life in school easier and happy.

Testimonials - DUOREST® Ergonomic Chair

Best ergonomic chair that I have purchased in the last 15 years. I have enjoyed using this chairs now. Everyday i am looking forward to sit on my Duorest Alpha chair and i can really feel the firm support on my back and even with long hour sitting, i feel my back is more relax and relief. I will definitely recommend it to my friends.

Mr KK Lim, General Manager. Kuala Lumpur

Duorest ergonomic chair gave me a pleasant surprise! It is very comfortable and very unique to fit perfectly to individual body size. Most of the parts can be adjusted according to different body size. I like most the dual backrest which follow our body movement. Its really comfortable. I love everything about this chair. Service was excellent too.

Kelly Lim, Age 43. Petaling Jaya

This is the best ergonomic chair that I've seen. I have purchased some of the other ergonomic executive chairs that are more widely available. I tried them, but found them not all that comfortable. While Duorest ergonomic chair with the unique dua back rest gives the firm support and I feel that my back is embraced by the best rest, the feeling is wonderful. The sales consultant is courteous and professionnal. This was a first rate buying experience.

Nurul Akmal. Architect. Age 38. Putrajaya.

I have had Duorest ergonomic chair for several months now. I must say that the quality is execellent, comfort is incredible. I liked the most the dual back rest which gave me the perfect support on my back. Now I have less backache even with long hour sitting. I really love it!

Jenny Low. Purchasing Manager. Kuching.

I am very happy with my Duorest ergonomic ladies chair that i purchased few months ago. I was recommened by my Chiropractor to Duorest Ergonomic chair. It is everything that i can expect from Duorest Chair, comfort, good quality, dynamic sitting. I would highly recommend for anyone that has to spend a lot of time at their workstation. Thanks for the great service!

Angeline Tan. Lawyer. Kuala Lumpur

This chair is fabulous. Value for money. For anyone that spends a massive amount of time sitting in a chair, the Duorest Ergonomic chair is the answer. I no longer have the usual aches and back pains I had with my other "ergonomic" chair. Highly recommended.

Azmi Jalil. Business Owner. Age 48. Penang

This is the best ergonomic chair that I've seen. I have purchased some of the other ergonomic executive chairs that are more widely available. I tried them, but found them not all that comfortable. While Duorest ergonomic chair with the unique dua back rest gives the firm support and I feel that my back is embraced by the best rest, the feeling is wonderful. The sales consultant is courteous and professionnal. This was a first rate buying experience.

Nurul Akmal. Architect. Age 38. Putrajaya.

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