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The Important Of A Good Chair

Important Of Proper Sitting Posture

Back-related injuries which result from prolonged sitting are increasing tremendously. The prevalence of computers results in growing number of health-related complaints.

Contemporary chair designs should not focus only on appearances but also on their ergonomic features that offers dynamic sitting, which in turn, provides firm yet comfortable support for different postures with minimal pressure and weight load on the body. Choosing conventional chairs based on affordability and apprearances may result in injuries on the spine and hips, as shown in the left picture below.

Your Back Experiences This Much Of Pressure

It is important to maintain a S-cirve when sitting and standing postureThe body exerts 100% of its weight on the back when one is standing. However it is no less strenuous when one is sitting. The weight load on the upper body when sitting down, is 1.5 times the weight exerted on a standing body and 6 times the weight exerted on a person who is lying down. Prolonged improper sitting posture causes chronic back pain or spinal problems. To prevent backaches, it is ideal to keep your spine in an S-like posture and sit deep inside the seats. It is also important to place the heels flat on the floor with the knees locked in a right-angle. Considering the abovementioned factors, it is important to choose a good chair equipped with ergonomic features that fits your physique and encourages dynamic sitting.

The important of a good chair
The Important of a Good Backpack
Studies show around 70% of school children may be damaging their spine by carrying heavy, poor fitting school bags. This can cause muscle strain, distortion of the spinal curve, drooping shoulders, muscle spasms and chronic back, neck and shoulder problems leading to a lifetime of sprain.

The importance of a good backpack

The effect of a poorly designed backpack on the spine:
1. Weight of pack pushes downwards.
2. Weight is transferred on to shoulder straps.
3. Shoulder straps sustain downward force of the entire backpack.
4. Child leans forward to counter balance the weight placed on the shoulders. This places excess strain on the neck, spine and shoulders.

The Solution: IMPACT

1. Weight of pack pushes downwards.
2. Orthopedic Spinal Protection System(OSPS) back care system effectively distributes the weight equally on the shoulders, back
and waist.
3. It assists children in achieving correct posture and reducing stress on their growing spine.

Things to consider in choosing right schoolbag

• Ultra light weight

• Ergonomic design with special back-care system.

• High quality nylon material - UV protective & water repellant.

• Safety - with reflective material for better visibility.

• Functionality - book dividers & inner suspension improve stability. Endorsed and recommended by a recognized institute.

• After Sales Service - Warranty.

• Waist Strap. A waist strap can help direct the load away from the shoulders and onto the much stronger waist and hip muscle groups.

• Two Straps. Two straps balance the load on both shoulders. A single strap places the entire load on one side of the body.

• Size: The bag should be no larger than the child's back.

• Wide, Padded Straps. Wide straps distribute the load over more area of the shoulder. The wider the better. The straps should also be padded. Padding spreads the load as well as alleviates any pressure points.

Steps to Maintain Wellness of Your Spine

Pulling the E-Z Parachute rings provide quick and easy adjustment of shoulder belts for different height requirements.

Expert Advice - The total gross weight of the school backpack must not exceed 15% of the body weight.

Adjustable buckles enable quick and easy adjustment of wide padded waist belt thus stabilizing swinging movement and also helps to distribute load evenly.
Ergonomically designed backpack which follows the natural contours of the spine should fit comfortably on the user's back and spine area, providing firm support and highest level of comfort.