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  • The Chiropractic Association (Singapore)
    & Singapore Physiotherapy Association

    Tested and compliance under SS-514:2005 Singapore Standard "Code Of Practice For Office Ergonomics"

    ISO9001 Quality Certification. ISO14001 Environmental Certification. ANSI/BIFMA Standard Tested.

ERGO Chair

DUOREST® ergonomic chair is equipped with worldwide patented technology invented by German Physics Professor, Dr. Matthias M. Brunig, who has revolutionized the way we sit since 1988. DUOREST® dual backrest supports one's back firmly without exerting pressure on the spine and distributes the pressure to the left and right back muscles effectively. The centre-pivot in between the dual backrest allows the backrest to swivel in various directions as the user leans back and forth. This movement elevates the pelvis and allows the waist to be embraced by the backrest.

As a result, the pressure on the lumbar vertebra is reduced by 50% as compared to conventional chairs. An experience on a DUOREST® ergonomic chair is equivalent to a muscle relaxation therapy. Besides alleviating fatigue, the dual backrest's adaptability also creates a massaging effect on the entire back musculature. The parameters of the DUOREST® ergonomic chair can be varied to fit all body shapes and sizes. Medical experts have advised that good posture and dynamic sitting promote good health, longer concentration span and higher productivity level.

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